What if my success story hasn’t been successful yet?

That’s ok, a successful career doesn’t come easy and rightfully so, if you were handed your success on a platter would you appreciate it? What really matters is the steps that you are taking to make yourself successful, don’t let life just happen to you because that is when you miss the point. Get this, whatever career path you decide to take is most likely what you are going to do for the rest of your life, this is no decision to be taken lightly.

It is ok if your success story isn’t successful yet, one thing to remember when you are on your journey is that you will get there, no matter how many people get there before you, no matter how many people are in the place or the position that you want to be in, you will get there. Make sure to take some of these things into account when choosing or continuing on a career path:     

What do I want?

One thing is for sure if you don’t know what you want you are going to have to dig deep to find it.  Sometimes the map to your career path doesn’t come to you in a dream, and even if it does there is a high possibility that there are some unforeseen detours you will encounter on your trip.

Ask yourself what am I doing to prepare myself?

What are you doing to prepare yourself for the long game, do you want to open your own business? What resources have you acquired in order to do so, what connections have you made to guide you through this process, what knowledge have you obtained to do the best possible job to make sure your business is sustainable.

Are you passionate about the journey you are about to embark on?

Undoubtedly you do your best work when you are doing something that you are thoroughly and utterly passionate about. When I say passion I mean the sort of passion that keeps you up at night because it is literally a fire inside of you. The sort of passion that keeps you one chess move in front of everyone else because you badly want the win. If you are not that Passionate about something, simply don’t do it. 

How will you handle adversity?

It’s inevitable, you will be thrown curve balls left and right, you will hear the word no more times than you can count, at times it may seem like you cannot keep going. The way that you react to these trials will define your strength and tenacity, will you let these things break you before you reach success?

Be courageous in all that you do; finding your career path is scary, but it can be so rewarding.  Be humble on the journey and take each victory and defeat in as a lesson to continue to move forward.