5 Ways to Increase Personal Success in 2017

When the new year rolls around, inspiration and the need to do more with the fresh start flies around like infectious laughter or yawning, and soon enough everyone has the bug.  You know the bug, the “new year, new me” mantra.  Where everyone, well at least it seems like everyone, starts something new or changes a habit, then quits shortly into February.  92% of half the American population fail at achieving their New Year’s resolution each year.  Why? Because people don’t turn their wishes into qualifiable goals.  So instead of calling it a New Year’s goal or resolution, the term should be changed to a New Year’s wish.  See, there is a science to goal achievement outside of intention, dedication, and discipline.  All these characteristics matter and are needed to achieve a goal.  However, there is more to it than that.  You need to take your wish and make it actionable for it to become a goal.

1.     Make your wish detailed and specific.

A specific goal is simple but provides enough detail to give a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.  You won’t get very far if your wish is to lose weight.  Although, if your wish is to lose 15 pounds, you just stepped one foot closer to creating a goal.

2.     Can you track your progress until you achieve your goal?

Goal tracking is essential to being successful at dominating your resolution.  Depending on how disciplined you are, and be honest with yourself you wouldn’t be reading this blog post if you didn’t fall into the 92%.  You need a plan in place to guide you along your journey and a system to track your progress.  If you want to lose weight and need to limit your daily caloric intake, download the MyFitnessPal app to log your meals.  If your goal is to read more, make a booklist for 2017 and cross off each book as you finish it.  If your goal is to be more productive at work, make a to-do list and create a block schedule for yourself where you focus on certain tasks on each day.  You can find a tracking process for anything if you are creative and want it badly enough.

3.     Is your wish attainable or is it just a dream?

This is a significant step in the process when it comes to qualifying your wish.  Think about what it is you want to accomplish, then determine if you are ready or eligible.  Meaning, are there any steps you should complete before you pursue your wish?  Don’t get discouraged by this, if you put your mind to it anything can be done.  This is simply to help you think through it rationally and make sure there aren’t smaller goals you should or need to accomplish beforehand.

4.     Are you dedicated?

In the book, Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert, she talks about loving a passion (in her case, the pursuit of creativity) so deeply that she is comfortable eating the “shit sandwich.”  Actually, she is so dedicated to her craft she is even willing to eat someone else’s half-eaten shit sandwich.  In other words, you must be honest with yourself and determine how deeply invested you are when embarking on the journey.  It can get difficult, and there is a 100% chance you will experience times where you will want to quit, start to feel discouraged and times when no one believes in you.  Elizabeth’s advice is, if you want it badly enough, you will suck it up, eat the shit sandwich and keep moving forward.

5.     Does your wish have a deadline?

I had an epiphany once; maybe the very reason people hope for personal growth but never achieve it is because the act of dreaming and wishing is much more glamorous than making a commitment.  This is especially true for the millennial generation.  Fear of missing out, “FOMO” is at an all-time high and the value of commitment is becoming less expected with the hundreds and thousands of options that are available.  Without a deadline you decrease the expectation of commitment and it is unlikely you will be able to turn your wish into an attainable goal.

Those are five easy qualifiers to remember for creating achievable goals. However, this is just one aspect of goal achievement.  There are many more steps to the process, and if you take your wish through this checklist, you are off to a good start.  


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