What you do when no one is looking

In today’s society, the photos that appear on your timeline measure success and popularity by the number of likes and comments that it receives.  Although social media can be a great tool to interact with family and friends or build a brand, it also has its negative attributes, such as people and accounts with inflated egos.  On average, one person checks their social media account(s) 17 times a day, which is equivalent to once every waking hour in America.  Social media has changed the way success, lifestyles and relationships are perceived and people have adopted the way of thinking that if it looks good on Instagram, it must be good in real life, right?  Well… not necessarily.  Before embracing and obsessing too quickly over people on social media, you have to inquire what is going on behind the scenes that enable this person to live the lifestyle portrayed? And more importantly, what your behind the scene efforts should look like moving forward.

First, you should eliminate distractions and focus on your next move.  Don’t get caught up in another person’s insta-lifestyle that it paralyzes the mind with wonder and envy, rather than channeling that energy into action.  Limit checking social media accounts to only 2-3 times a day and find other areas to refocus and devote extra time too. There is too much progress to be made and it shouldn’t be wasted on observing other peoples lives on social media.

Second, create a schedule and plan ahead.  Millennials like to rebel against the daily routine and hold on to the motto, “you can sleep when you die.”  Nonetheless, being organized can help free up more time to allow a free-spirited way of living, if done right.  Preparing for the day beforehand can eliminate the frustration of a daily routine and overall increases effectiveness throughout the day.  For instance deciding what to wear the night before and meal prepping a few days in advance are two ways to start adopting and organized lifestyle.

Third, grind it out and concentrate your efforts on your end goal.  Figure out “why,” “how,” and “what" it is that’s driving your efforts when no one else is watching.

  • Why do you want to dedicate the time into building and achieving your end goal?
  • How are you going to meet the end goal?
  • What are the plans and resources you have set in place to get you there? What are you working to achieve? 

Is it a masters degree, reaching a financial savings goal or getting a new car? Select a goal you are determined to achieve and focus all of your efforts until the finish line is in sight.

It doesn’t matter what is showcased on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  What matters is the action that takes place behind closed doors when no one is looking.  It is extremely easy to get caught up in wanting the approval of others and posting flashy pictures, but the best way to receive that approval is by earning respect with hard work and dedication.  Nothing worth having comes easy; it has to be worked for.  Focus on the efforts you are putting in behind closed doors and the rest will fall into place.