It's cliche to say, "new year, new me" but who wants to be the same year after year?  This doesn't mean wait until it's the first day of a new year to start implementing change, but the new year does provide a good starting point.  

Let me start by saying I am happy with the outcome of 2016. It was full of excitement, I learned much-needed lessons and took risks that I never thought I was capable of taking.  Now moving into 2017, I feel much different than before.  For the first time I feel like I am moving into the next phase and not starting over.  As a part of my adopted lifestyle, I have goals that are ongoing in a few of my core competencies (health/fitness, spirituality, and personal development) and I am pleased with my progress in each of those areas right now.  But I know I am capable of pushing myself to a higher level that will allow me to reach my full potential.  Because of this, I have been putting a lot of thought into how I want 2017 to look like.  In fact, I wrote a hand-written letter to myself describing where I wanted to be at the end of the year, sealed it and put it in my safe.  It wasn't until I was watching Michelle Obama's final interview as First Lady of the United States with Oprah that I was able to connect words to my ideal vision of this new chapter.  In this interview, Oprah asked the FLOTUS what her strategy was against people's negative dissertations about herself, her husband and her family while serving two terms in the White House and she responded, "living out loud" and letting her actions show exactly the person she was.  This struck me instantly, because that was the mindset I needed moving into this next chapter of my life.  So completely inspired, I created a focused three-point definition of what it means to live out loud.

  • Giving myself permission to be who I am meant to be and letting my actions do the talking
  • Being fully prepared and consistent with my actions and performance
  • Allowing myself to be free from negativity

I was so excited to have a motto and a framework to help guide me through the next year, I decided to record a video to spread the power of living out loud.  Watch my video on my #LIVEOUTLOUD2017 motto for the new year!