To say you want to achieve an aspiration then not backing it with action means you didn’t want to accomplish anything at all.  In fact, most dreams die before being fully developed because most people lack the mindset and relentless determination to make it through the trials and tribulations before reaching the peak.  Though, it’s hard dreaming big in a world where ordinary is taught and broadly accepted.  Society teaches you to live an average life, make average money and have average experiences; so the moment you decide you want to have an above average lifestyle, it's considered out of the “social norm” and naturally people will attempt to pull you down to the level they feel comfortable with.  So if you are a dreamer, there should be two questions on your mind. 

How to keep your dream from dying before it fulfilling it? 
How to operate above the common standard without negativity and regular individuals convincing you to be less than extraordinary?

Create a private island 

There are times when you have to isolate your mind to the outside world and trust your gut.  Naturally, human beings seek the advice and approval of others, but there are times when venturing out to sea alone and finding a private space to be with your thoughts is necessary.  This is the place you go in your mind to grow lustrous ideas and belief systems that promote confidence and create visions that you desire to become real. First, it starts with a positive outlook on your current self, your future self, your current ability and your future ability. 

Set a higher standard

The further you develop your positive mindset, you will quickly become aware of those who do not think and process the same as you. Don’t be surprised when these people who lack confidence in their talents are those closest to you.  They can be friends, family, teachers, etc. but you can’t let their limited mentality make you question your ability.  Instead, set a higher standard and dream without limits.  It is easy to convince yourself to dilute your truest desires out of fear they unaccomplishable.  Remember that no dream is too big.  If you can envision it, it is doable. 

Shoot for the stars so you can land in the clouds

Now that you have your dream and know you can achieve it.  Triple your efforts towards making that dream reality. You are resilient, and you can handle much more than you think you can when given the challenge.  The goal is to give 120% and triple your efforts as you chase after your goals. What would it look like if you worked to your fullest capacity?  Would you wake up an hour earlier? Stay an hour later at work? Limit outside distractions like social media and television?  Imagine what your 120% effort would look like, and then start implementing those habits to your routine.

Push to the limit, and then push past it

If it is worth it, it won’t come easy.  Your passion will require long nights and early mornings, physical and emotional power, and relentless determination.  Being frank, it will get exhausting, and there will be obstacles that make you question whether it is worth it. In these moments, strap on your boots, dig deep and push through.  With every step, remind yourself what you have accomplished so far and what a waste it would be if you gave up now.  Giving up is never an option.  Pushing through is your only option, and once the rough patch is over, you will realize that was the best decision you could've made. 

The bigger the dream, the greater the effort!  It takes an extreme amount of willpower and dedication to make a great dream come true.  What is your dream and how do you plan to get there?  Remember, doing what’s “normal” will not cut it. It takes a positive mindset, a dream worth chasing, tons of effort and resilience to get there.  However, add those together, and without a doubt, you will get there.