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I approach everyday with the same question, "how can I be better today than I was yesterday?"  This was a mindset that I adopted once I graduated from undergrad and was awakened out of adolescence into adulthood only a couple of months after commencement. I have always been competitive and always loved the sweetness of victory over others; but as I matured I realized that the person I loved competing against most was me. The exhilaration of challenging myself and solving the mysteries of what works and what doesn't, then reinventing the process and doing it again is "my jam." Over the years, competing with myself evolved into working towards becoming the best version of myself and thus, the birth of Her Blank Canvas.  My purpose and passion is to teach, develop and inspire women to become the best version of themselves and fall in love with the process.

Thanks so much for joining me on my journey and I can't wait to help you with yours.

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2017 GOALS

SPIRITUAL | Read the New Testament: Becoming a spirit-led woman is a goal I am continually working on, but this year I wanted to make a goal that measures my diligence in reading God's word.

WELLNESS | Run a half marathonI'll be running in the Griffith Park half marathon in Los Angeles, CA on March 4th! Check out my kick-butt, can't stop won't stop playlist that gets me through my daily workouts. (Completed: March 2017)

CAREER | Stellar performance review: Although my 2016 review was good, by my standards it wasn't what I was looking for. This year I want the feedback to be more aligned with how well I do my job, opposed to my personality.

FINANCIAL | Spend less save more: In 2016, I did a lot of spending trying to launch my business off the ground.  In 2017 I will double my savings.

MISC | Buy a new car: It's great to dream, but it's also important to be realistic, which means my Mercedes is still on the VB. However, for 2017 I do have my eyes on something as cute and stylish, take a sneak peek.


Score a 700 on the GMAT

Buy a Mercedes C300

Get accepted into the USC Marshall MBA program

Visit London in Spring/Summer 2017

Host/Book four Her Blank Canvas Events in 2017

Buy a house or condo by the age of 30

Read 12 books in 2017

Redesign my room and office space

Apply for Project Entrepreneur 2017

Learn how to play an instrument

Join a public speaking group in 2017

Become fluent in Spanish

Write a book

Go skydiving